Antisemitic graffiti on the floor of the Elstree house after the break-in


A house being renovated was broken into and left tagged with a swastika and the word “Jews”.

The anti-Semitic cartoons were sprayed on the floor of a house in Park Crescent, Elstree last Sunday (8 May).

The property owner says he hasn’t lived in the house yet as it is being renovated and was “shocked” to see the teenagers.

According to the man, he was alerted by his neighbors to the youths breaking in and once there he told them to get out.

It was only after the trio left that he noticed the marks.

The police are investigating the case

He said: ‘For a kid to think like that, it’s just shocking. We’re not talking about a 30+ with a chip on his shoulder.

“For a child to think like that is mind-boggling.”

He also said that “ignorance is still rampant in the UK” and that he “daily” experiences occasional racism towards Jews.

With the act now in the public domain, he hopes there will be justice and punishment, as well as a “little bit of education” for those who mistreat the Jewish people.

Hertfordshire Constabulary say three men – two aged 17 and one aged 16 – have been arrested on suspicion of radical or religiously aggravated burglary.

They were released under investigation as investigations continue.

Borehamwood Times: It happened somewhere in Park Crescent, ElstreeIt happened somewhere in Park Crescent, Elstree

But police say they are continuing to investigate the “offensive graffiti” and the victim says he is happy with the way they are carrying out the investigation.

The Community Security Trust, a British charity set up to protect the Jewish community, has also been sensitized and is assisting the family and the police.

Dave Rich, the charity’s policy director, said: “You can only imagine how upsetting and frightening it must have been for a Jewish family to find this shameful graffiti in their own home.

“Anti-Semitism has not gone away and affects the Jewish community on a daily basis.

“We are working with Hertfordshire Police to ensure this crime is fully investigated and urge anyone with information to contact the police or CSE.”


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