Northeast Precast Introduces New Flooring System


By Alex Ciorogar

Northeast Precast Prespan System

Northeast Precast, a Millville, New Jersey-based precast concrete manufacturer that offers commercial and residential products, has launched Prespan, a new patented flooring system that includes insulated precast floorboards.

The Prespan system eliminates the need for interior structural supports. Approximately 25% lighter than hollow core planks, the product allows developers to gain unobstructed span across the entire building to create a full basement or crawl space walls under the garage, while presenting less detour.

“Prespan makes it possible to build additional space under the garage during the construction phase of a project”, said Mark Gorgas, general manager of Northeast Precast’s business division, in prepared remarks. “That extra space can be invaluable to anyone looking for extra storage space in the home or commercial building.”

In addition, the new floorboard system installs well with all types of concrete walls. There are no limitations on the size of manufacturing jobs, as the company’s manufacturing processes allow for projects of all sizes.

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Image courtesy of Northern Precast


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