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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Two Louisville-area flooring businesses have been robbed in the past two months, both with tens of thousands of dollars in stolen equipment.

Ronnie Martin, co-owner of Martin’s Flooring in South Louisville, said his home was hit two weeks ago. Someone stole nearly $50,000 worth of gear, and the damage will cost roughly the same.

“It’s heartbreaking,” he said.

The thief used a red Mustang to enter two different storage garages on company property, then stole a pickup truck using a trailer to transport the stolen equipment.

Curiously, two days later, employees saw someone driving the stolen van and trailer down the highway. They called the police and the van and trailer were returned.

Stolen Martin’s Flooring van damaged in December 2021 theft.

The van was battered with cracked windows, a smashed one and the driver’s side rear tire blown out.

Louisville Metro Police have yet to make any arrests.

Although Martin was able to salvage the van and most of the equipment, Highland Hardwood Flooring was not so lucky.

Stacy Holyfield said it happened in late October and was caught on their surveillance camera. Someone was able to get into one of the fences and used a car to break down the garage door to get the equipment.

“It’s very frustrating,” Holyfield said.

LMPD released some of the photos on Tuesday, the same day Holyfield contacted WDRB News.

“People who are willing to get up and work hard every day and, you know, there are people like that who think they can get out of bed and just take it from you because they kind of have a right to,” Holyfield said. “I really can’t understand that.”

Martin’s Flooring has cameras, but they weren’t rolling at the time. Martin’s neighbor was the first to alert him that his garage doors had been kicked in. Either way, the LMPD said it was investigating the link between the two flights.

Smashed Highland hardwood floor door

The door to Highland Hardwood Flooring was smashed in during a robbery in late October 2021.

Holyfield said she believed the suspect at Highland Hardwood Flooring knew what he was doing, as they apparently knew where to look.

“Your concern is, you know, where does it go from here,” she said.

Holyfield said she was also frustrated that it took almost two months for the LMPD to release the surveillance footage. She doesn’t blame anyone in particular but links the delay to ministry staff shortages.

“It’s a little hard to take,” she said. “I guess resources are limited.”

The two owners hope that the person who did it will be caught.

“That person doesn’t deserve to be there,” Holyfield said.

And Martin said it served as a reminder of the times.

“Just lock up your stuff and don’t leave anything out these days,” he said. “And stay close to your neighbors where you can look out for each other.”

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