System integrators say composite engineered wood flooring offers greater value than concrete slatted, bar or plank flooring options for elevated work platforms


CINCINNATI, February 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A new research note exploring preferences for the selection, implementation and use of raised flooring systems in mezzanines and industrial work platforms has found that, compared to raised concrete, bar or plank flooring, composite engineered wood flooring is considered by Systems Integrators must be:

  • Most flexible for future changes (77.8%)
  • Easiest to install (70.0%)
  • The best value (66.7%)
  • The flattest surface (55.6%)
  • Fastest to install (50%)

According to respondents in the recently released report “Optimizing Space and Supporting Automation with Raised Floors and Mezzanines”, the three most commonly used types of raised floors are concrete (70.2%), composite engineered wood (59.0%) and bar or plank grilles. (49.0%).

Of these three materials, the majority of respondents believe that composite engineered wood flooring is the surface that best addresses the key operational challenges of elevated work platforms. According to users and integrators, the four main challenges faced by operations using these structures are:

  • Worker Safety (Users: 51.3%; Integrators: 45.5%)
  • Load capacity (Users: 41.0%; Integrators: 72.7%)
  • Capacity Planning / Capacity Management / Load Level Optimization (Users: 33.3%; Integrators: 36.4%)
  • Floor sustainability (Users: 28.2%; Integrators: 45.5%)

When asked what benefits attendees expect to receive from using engineered wood composite flooring as a raised work platform surface, the top responses were: floor durability (41 .9%); Worker safety (32.6%); and Load Capacity (20.9%). Rounding out the top six benefits are: reduced structural cost (34.9%); Reduced construction time (25.6%); and Useful life of the floor (23.3%).

The “Optimizing Space and Supporting Automation with Elevated Flooring and Mezzanines” report is based on the results of a readership survey conducted by Peerless Research Group ( on behalf of Modern Materials Handling (www.mmh. com) for Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® ( at October 2020. Prequalified respondents were involved in decisions related to their company’s warehouse and distribution center (DC) operations. The sectors represented chemicals and pharmaceuticals, retail, warehousing and transportation, third-party logistics (3PL) providers, and automotive and transportation equipment.

Respondents manage an average of 1.8 million square feet in total, with 24.5% working in facilities under 50,000 square feet and 27.7% operating facilities 500,001 square feet or larger. Those with a raised work platform already in place (38.6%) report an average of 206,837 square feet raised.

With more and more warehouses and distribution centers running out of labor and space as they meet growing customer expectations to ship more shipments as quickly and safely as possible, operations managers are increasingly looking for. When asked why, survey participants indicated that adding single and multi-level mezzanines and industrial work platforms resulted in a range of benefits, including:

  • Capacity Planning / Capacity Management / Load Level Optimization (60.0%)
  • Improved throughput (44.4%)
  • Reduced operating costs (40.0%)
  • Improved worker safety (28.9%)
  • Improved worker comfort (28.9%)

The research brief “Optimizing Space and Supporting Automation with Raised Floors and Mezzanines” is available at Additionally, a second independent study comparing the cost of three different elevated platform structures (two with concrete flooring and one with ResinDek® composite engineered wood flooring) has been published. The “Work Platform Cost Comparison Study”, which found the ResinDek® flooring system to be 31% to 34% less expensive than concrete alternatives, is available at https:// resin and concrete.

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For over 20 years, Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC ( has been at the forefront of research and development in engineered wood flooring panels for the construction industry. handling. In 1994, company founder and president Greg Doppler invented the ResinDek panel, which today has become the first sold mezzanine floor panel in the world.

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