The Field, coworking space for small businesses, is coming to Tomball


The Field, a coworking space for small businesses, is on the second floor of the Bank of America building in Tomball. (Courtesy of Peter Licata)

The Field, in what was previously known as the Bank of America building in Tomball, now has a completely renovated second floor for flexible coworking offices at 1431 Graham Drive, Tomball.

Developer Peter Licata said he and his father, Mark Licata, and sister, Devin Licata, wanted to transform an office building with a community focus, especially since it would be a space for open and shared work.

The Licatas wanted a building that would not only lend itself to being a tight-knit community within, but would also be located within a tight-knit community. He said a handful of Tomball business owners have recommended Tomball as a good location.

“For us, [Tomball] adapt to the wider community outside our building; it is suitable for close-knit people, very proud of our community [feeling],” he said.

However, Peter Licata said the partners have seen office space take different forms after COVID-19. The Licatas also have another coworking space in Houston at headquarters, which was in place before the pandemic.

At Tomball, renovation of the second floor began in October and was completed in early April, he said. They rented out to nine tenants in early May.

Licata said they try to create spaces for new or small businesses and provide affordable all-in-one space; an office for one person costs $450 per month.

“We try to make the process as easy as possible…so you can really focus on what you do best, which is your business,” Licata said.

The office area has 30 spaces with suites available for one to 16 people, Licata said. There are also four conference rooms, a communal kitchen and a room for mothers, according to a March 31 update from Tomball Economic Development Corp.

Licata said it renovated the first floor, which contains the Bank of America, State Farm and an accounting group. First floor renovations included bathrooms, elevator, staircase and floor.

The Licatas also purchased the land adjacent to the building to build a mixed-use mall anchored by a restaurant as well as a parking lot, Licata said. He said the project is expected to start in late summer and open to tenants by the end of 2022.


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