Whether it’s hardwood, carpet, vinyl or laminate, Hayes Flooring and More has you covered.


Any renovation will increase the value of your home, but flooring is always the first thing visitors notice when entering a home. This makes flooring one of the most important renovations you can do.

Hayes Flooring and More can help you with any flooring renovation, whether it’s carpet, vinyl, hardwood, laminate or anything else.

Owner Daniel Hayes installed flooring for 16 years before starting the business.

Hayes started the company because he wanted to offer honest opinions on flooring sold to consumers. Through his installation experience, he felt he could offer consumers the opportunity to better understand what they were looking for and what they were essentially buying.

For Hayes, each project is personal. “If we don’t do it at home, we won’t do it at your house,” he said.

Hayes floors and more. (Contributed)

Formerly known as BigHay Enterprises and now under new management, Hayes Flooring and More is a local family business. Every seller has installation experience. Daniel Hayes’ daughter, Hunter Hayes, settled for two years before taking over the office.

There are no commission-based sellers, so you’ll always get honest product reviews, and Hayes can match the price of the same products from other stores if they sell them.

Hayes offers installation when purchasing products, and installation is performed by trusted crews who have been with Hayes since the company opened 15 years ago.

It’s not just the flooring. The “plus” part of Hayes Flooring and More means that they have a team that can do home maintenance and other small renovations, to make sure your needs are met.

Hayes Flooring and More is located at 6 Ashbury Road. You can reach them at 931-648-3571.


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