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Why Resilient Flooring May Be Right for Your Spring Renovation

(Family Features) Floors are an investment. When you sit down to plan a renovation, you don’t usually start with a designer lamp or a sleek lounge chair – you design your spaces from the ground up.

As you plan your renovation this spring, consider an option like Beautifully Responsible Resilient Flooring to bring the room to life while leaving room for you to live your life. If you’re redoing your kitchen, you need floors that can withstand spills and other messes. If you just had a puppy, you’ll need floors that don’t stop at the sight of the paws. Resilient flooring offers durable options that can withstand daily wear and tear, all in designs that fit your budget.

Consider these reasons for choosing resilient flooring during your renovation.

Economical no-drain wood grain
You can leave the hammer and tile spacers at the store and still bring beautiful oak or pine wood grain or ornate stone designs into your home on a budget. Resilient flooring offers a wide variety of color, texture and design options to suit almost any vision you can imagine. Beyond their surface beauty, resilient flooring options from members of the Resilient Floor Covering Institute are made with sustainable manufacturing practices such as reducing energy, water and waste, and preventing the depletion of limited natural resources.

New floors faster
Many resilient floors are designed to be easier to install, but you can also find resilient flooring options at almost any home improvement store, which means you can start your renovation today. From sheets that can cover an entire room to luxury vinyl tiles that you can tailor to your space, resilient flooring can save time and money during installation.

A breath of fresh air
As the seasons change and allergies increase, make sure your flooring helps create a healthy, quality indoor environment. Hundreds of resilient flooring products and their adhesives have achieved third-party FloorScore IAQ certification, from the resilient flooring category, setting strict limits on the types and amounts of volatile organic compounds that can be emitted from floor coverings. floor other than carpets.

Whatever look you want, whatever room you’re renovating, there’s a resilient floor that can add a spring to your step this season. Find your floor today at


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