Canadian flooring experts share tips and advice on hardwood floor refinishing projects


The Ontario experts at LV Flooring are proud to share a summary of tips and guidance for refurbished hardwood flooring projects, with the goal of helping Canadian customers make better, more informed decisions. and more profitable. In an industry that can sometimes be daunting to understand and evaluate options, the flooring company is committed to equipping people with the right tools to avoid overspending or substandard products and services.

“In our recent discussions with various customers, we have noticed a tendency for other companies to inflate the price and include multiple add-ons to offers that don’t just provide a benefit. Especially with the current cost crisis of life, we thought it would be extremely helpful for Canadians to have a basic idea of ​​what to expect and what to ask for when requesting wood floor refinishing quotes upfront with suppliers,” a key LV Flooring representative said.

First, experts recommend putting everything on paper before contacting suppliers. It can be as simple as creating a page that details project requirements, such as available budget, timeline, preferences, needs, and details about the current condition of the floors, such as area size. By doing so, customers can establish a clear narrative and enable more informed decisions and, therefore, more accurate quotes.

Secondly, LV Flooring wants to emphasize the various stages associated with finishing hardwood floors, namely the preparation part which includes things like cleaning the surface and making sure it is ready for the second step known as sanding. As the name suggests, sanding is the grinding procedure that removes debris or imperfections from the surface of the floor. The third step is staining which involves applying a solvent like an oil or gel and wiping it off to reveal the shine and color of the surface. The last step in the process is known as finishing coating which, as the name suggests, means that a durable coat is applied with a pad or roller brush.

Regarding costs, the LV Flooring rep explained, “Based on our estimates, based on standard requirements, a hardwood floor refinishing project should cost $1,600. Of course, the cost will vary depending on the size of the space to be worked on and the complexity of the project, all of which should be discussed with the flooring supplier to ensure alignment.”

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