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CASA GRANDE, Ariz. (3TV/CBS 5) — Sarah Woelfel says her house isn’t quite the same these days. “Yeah, we took out the appliances, the fridge, and the whole dining room. And the same with the laundry room,” she told 3 On Your Side.

For example, his major appliances are scattered throughout his house. “We decided to move the fridge into the den just because we needed it cold; we still needed food,” she said, pointing to the fridge.

And things like his washer and dryer have been moved to the garage. “We spent a lot of time with family and friends, doing a lot of laundry throughout the week,” Sarah said.

Sarah says her house is out of place because she hired a fake contractor named Daniel Lee. He runs a business called DC, also known as Decorative Concrete Coatings.

Dan Lee was supposed to remove his tile and then stain the concrete, like in this photo we found on the internet. But of course he needed the money.

According to Sharremaine, Poland agreed to come to her house six months ago and said he could buy and install an above-ground swimming pool for just $3,500.

“How much money did you give him?” 3 On your side, Gary Harper asked. “$3,781,” she replied. “That’s a lot of money. What did you get for it?” Harper asked. “A headache!” Sara said.

Sarah says she electronically sent Lee two payments totaling just over $3,781.

She then hired movers to move her fixtures so the tile could be removed. “The start date was supposed to be November 15. And here we are in January, and nothing has been done. Nothing,” Sarah said.

3 On Your Side tried to contact Lee by phone. “Your phone call has been forwarded to automatic voicemail…” the voicemail says.

Lee called me back and claimed he had COVID, preventing him from starting Sarah’s work. Remember, she hired him over two months ago.

Either way, he promised 3 On Your Side to return the $3,781 within the next ten days. I will make that happen.

In the meantime, Sarah says it’s been a learning lesson in handing out cash upfront. “I’m going to be a lot stricter about putting my foot down and understanding that’s not how it should be. When you show up, you get paid. Things like that,” she said.

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