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The standard for high quality flooring

The flooring in your home is one of the most important things when it comes to your comfort and enjoyment of space. Cella Flooring and Design is consistently voted one of the best flooring sales and installation companies in Knoxville by readers of Cityview Magazine. The store uses a small scale, customer-oriented
philosophy. Their boutique approach sets them apart from large chain stores and they work one-on-one with each customer to meet the needs of each home and price range.

Co-owner Jimmy Murchie brings 20 years of experience and a passion for construction to his business. “We work very hard to put in place the highest quality facilities,” he says. “We’ve acquired – bar none – the best installers in Knoxville, period.”

Cella Flooring and Design understands the importance of quality flooring in your home. An attractive space makes your parties more fun, the family happier and relaxation easier. They believe in creating functional beauty in every space, and their free in-house design services make it easy to update your flooring.

When shopping for flooring and design services, you have a lot of options. The team understands this, which is why they are dedicated to building and maintaining customer relationships rather than making a one-time sale. Their goal is to introduce you to what it means to build a great relationship with a small business.

From the moment you walk through the door, the sales and design team get an idea of ​​the project and what the client wants to achieve. That’s why Cella has interior designers as well as sales and flooring experts on staff. “I’m extremely lucky to have my crew,” Murchie says. “I couldn’t have chosen better people to surround me with.”

Cella offers a complete range of floor coverings. From tile and stone, to hardwood, laminate, carpet and vinyl, they have a selection for every purpose and price range. And if you can’t decide which floor is right for your space, they can help. Every home is unique, which is why they encourage customers to take samples from their homes for on-site evaluation.

They also offer comprehensive design services, specializing in kitchens and bathrooms in addition to flooring design for residential and commercial clients.

Finally, Cella’s expert installers will complete the job. “That’s where, as my dad would say, the rubber hits the road,” says Murchie, explaining that good installers make all the difference when it comes to flooring.

Cella’s boutique philosophy has local roots. The store owners hail from East Tennessee and are invested in the area and its people. Although Cella is a newer name to the Knoxville scene, in business for about six years, Murchie and fellow flooring expert Chris Stephens together have over 48 years of flooring sales and installation experience. of ground. They truly have a passion for flooring and a wealth of knowledge, as they are used to seeing the design and installation process from many angles.

Cella offers you design experts, sales professionals and flooring specialists under one roof. Your project starts there, is developed and installed there by their specialists. Whether it’s a ten minute conversation or a three hour in-depth discussion, Cella Designs wants to spend the time to meet your needs.

Cella Flooring & Design
(865) 392-1508
510 Milwaukee Way
Knoxville, Tennessee


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