Climate change location ensures COP26 flooring is put to good use


Event Cycle and Spruce help ensure large-scale events can have a lasting impact

As the world assesses the legacy of the UN Climate Change Conference, work has just begun for a team based at COP26, which is focused on ensuring the conference brings value to communities across the world. ‘Scotland.

Event Cycle, in conjunction with MJ’s Events Services and Spruce, work together to ensure that as many flooring materials as possible are reused. At the heart of this work will be the lifting of 15,000m² of carpet from the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Center and its donation to the social enterprise Spruce. As the only flooring reuse charity in Scotland, Spruce will ensure that over the next few months flooring finds its way to organizations and households that can truly benefit from it.

Austin Hardie, Managing Director of Spruce Carpets, said, “This is a unique opportunity for Spruce. Our social enterprise focuses on working to help the community and the environment. The two are not mutually exclusive.

“With the world’s attention focused on Glasgow, this agreement with the UK Government and Event Cycle allows us to bring the legacy of COP26 to households and community organizations in Scotland who really need support. We will store the high-quality carpeting and fittings in low-income homes across the country as part of our ongoing work.

“One of our guiding principles is to provide opportunities for people who have been excluded from the workforce so that there are benefits for so many levels of society. On a deeper level, Spruce builds on collaboration. This work shows exactly what can be achieved by working collaboratively with partners. A classic example of “think global, act local!”

Chantal Kerr-Sheppard, Director of Event Cycle, said: “We are thrilled to be part of the legacy work of COP26 having established Event Cycle to address the challenge of sustainability in an industry and create impact. positive social in another. We are so happy to be able to benefit Glasgow organizations and to continue to do so after the event is over.”

Jennifer Bishopp, COO of MJ’s Event Services, said: “As a supplier of fully sustainable flooring to the events and exhibition industry, MJ’s has been committed from the beginning of this project to find the most durable for all flooring products used. The organizer’s choice to use a residential carpet at COP26 immediately led us to engage with Spruce to reuse as much carpet as possible. We hope this carpet will make a difference for low-income households and may add some warmth to people’s homes this Christmas.’


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