Company agrees to replace bad flooring after News 2 investigation


New wood floors began to appear everywhere. The company replaced the floors once, but when it happened again, they did not call the customer back.

GREENSBORO, NC — Loretha Foushee has lived in this same home for more than four decades. Greensboro’s one-story brick home has seen a lot. It’s where Foushee raised his children, celebrated birthdays and graduations, and countless other special moments.

“I love this house, it’s my home, so I try to take care of it,” Foushee said.

There have been a few fixes and issues over the years, but nothing like what happened recently. A pipe in the kitchen burst sending water throughout the house.

“They gutted the house and moved everything into these pods and packed everything up,” she said.

The damage was extensive and repairs took three months. Fousheee spent most of that time in a hotel as his house needed repairs.

The final stage of the repairs was to lay the new parquet. Once that was over, she was able to move back in. It seemed like her life was finally getting back to normal when she started noticing a problem with the wood floor.

“It was going up, everywhere,” Foushee said.

The company that installed the floor came back and tried to fix it, but it didn’t seem to work. She also contacted the company she had purchased the parquet from, and it was decided to replace the parquet and reinstall it.

Foushee was able to stay in the house after the work was completed, but that was another unexpected inconvenience. It took a few weeks for the new flooring to be installed, but she was just glad she did and moved on.

“It looked good, the installers said they installed that second round correctly,” she said.

This good feeling only lasted nearly two months, when she later saw sections of the floor reappear. Foushee said it happened everywhere but the worst was in the kitchen.

She called the company that installed the floor again and they came out and tried to roll and glue it. The repairs weren’t effective, and you could still see and especially feel the edges lifting.

The company that installed the floor thought the flooring was faulty and called the flooring company to find a solution. Foushee also called the flooring company and left several messages. She said about four months went by without any call backs from the flooring company.

“I tried several calls with no success, so I said I was going to call 2 Wants to Know,” Foushee said.

We were able to reach a representative of the company and explain the situation to him. The rep told us he would investigate the matter and get back to us. About a week later, she got a call from the flooring company.

“He said go and pick a (new) flooring and get something better,” Foushee said.

The company agreed to let her choose upgraded flooring at no cost to her. The flooring was installed a few weeks later and Foushee is delighted with how it looks and feels.

“You (News 2) did it, and anybody who asks me, I tell them go to 2 Wants to Know,” she said.


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