Craig’s Bakery owner ponders costly ordeal


Craig Enfield discusses the WorkSafeBC fine, the cost of floor work and the decision to pay staff as the bakery was closed for five days

A Kamloops bakery owner loses nearly $8,500 after his Brocklehurst business is fined by WorkSafeBC.

A penalty notice posted by WorkSafeBC shows Craig’s Bakery, located in the Brocklehurst Shopping Centre, was fined $8,484 on February 15 following an inspection.

The notice stated that a mixer was operated without guards and that “sanding and grinding of floor tiles, a confirmed asbestos-containing material (ACM), had taken place in food preparation areas”.

“The company failed to take the necessary precautions to protect workers before allowing work that would disrupt ACMs, a high-risk violation,” reads the summary of the WorkSafeBC report.

Bakery owner Craig Einfeld said he respects the decision made by WorkSafeBC, but also noted the fine was a blow to his wallet at a time when he was trying to sell the business.

Three years ago, Einfeld suddenly lost his wife to cancer. He then decided to retire and put the business he built with his wife up for sale.

“We had quite a few inquiries, but the floor problem kept coming back,” he said, noting that the floor was uneven and difficult to clean due to its condition.

Einfeld said he tried to work with his landlord to redo the floor, but gave up and opted to pay for it himself.

He hired a flooring company and said he was reassured that the job could be done in a WorkSafeBC compliant manner.

With two options – either cover the floor or remove it – Einfeld opted to cover it due to the much higher cost and time required to remove it.

Preparations began just before the store closed for the day and that’s when Einfeld believes the lawsuit was filed, but he pointed out that no one was baking bread or making food when the work took place.

“We covered the ground, legally, as it should have been done,” he said.

“They [WorkSafeBC inspectors] came the following week after the complaint hit their desk, asked on the floor and issued a stop work order and said they had to investigate,” Einfeld said.

The bakery ended up being closed for five days in early December.

WorkSafeBC then requested an air test, which the bakery passed, followed by a thorough cleaning by a hazardous materials company. The bakery also received another inspection by Interior Health before Einfeld was given the green light to reopen.

In addition to the cost of the ground and the fine, Einfeld opted to continue paying its employees while the bakery was closed, making the whole ordeal a costly sum.

“It’s huge for me. Nothing to sneeze at, that’s for sure,” he said.

Craig’s Bakery has been in Kamloops for 15 years after expanding from its Chase location.

After a brief outburst on social media about the WorkSafeBC fine, Einfeld reflected on his business and remains positive.

“People have been extremely receptive,” he said,

“We’ve thrived here and created lots of jobs for people and the customers have been great – and they must know how much we appreciate that.”


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