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Flooring Design Solutions in the Age of COVID-19


Interior design plays a fundamental role not only in making teaching spaces functional, but also in creating a calm and calming environment for students and faculty. Aesthetics, from the selection of colors to the layout, are crucial in helping schools emerge from the pandemic as safe spaces that promote emotional and psychological well-being.

Here to shed some light on the subject are David Dembowitz, Senior Vice President for Mohawk Group; Royce Epstein, Director of A&D Design for The Mohawk Group; and Rebekah Matheny, associate professor of interior design in the design department at Ohio State University.

This Point of View will provide answers to:

  • What strategies are recommended for schools and institutions to help them reappear after the pandemic?
  • How do you provide visual cues that don’t interfere with lines of sight?
  • What are the things that attract people to a public space?
  • How do you see the evolution of the built environment to accommodate students after the pandemic?
  • What is systems thinking in terms of design solutions?
  • What good practices can schools use to integrate human-centered design?
  • From the human-centered design approach, what about cleaning, maintenance and sanitation standards?
  • How can schools reset themselves not only to get back to normal, but to move to an even better place, both operationally and socially?


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