Flooring entrepreneur aims for growth after major investment


MD Jason Lister

Flooring contractor SPECIALIST Advanced Traditional Screeding (ATS) has announced it is investing £500,000 in a new division to deliver an insulation system set to ‘revolutionize’ the construction industry.

The expansion of the company’s Rosyth base will see the delivery of ENERGYSCREED, a new ‘energy efficient’ fireproof insulation solution created by the Fife company.

Using patent pending technology to provide a single source pumpable solution for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, it is said to feature the latest in screed advancements and can be designed to customer requirements.

ATS explained that by using traditional and self-leveling systems, the screed coating can be laid to “the tightest tolerances or performance requirements”, while “minimizing” the impact on the environment.

Much of the investment goes into buying a German-made Putzmeister Transmix. The vehicle, which can hold up to 66 tonnes, is described as “effectively a mixing plant on wheels” and is custom built to match ENERGYSCREED’s qualities, including a humidity sensor to calculate the amount of water that the sand retains.

The truck weighs everything in 300kg batches and will be the only one in Scotland when it arrives before the end of the year. ATS said that through its partnership with underfloor heating specialists Giacomini UK Ltd, it will enable the company to provide an energy efficient floor zone solution.

MD Jason Lister oversaw TLA’s first major casting in Scotland after being commissioned by Morris and Spottiswood for the project at the £20million BMI Hospital in Braehead towards the end of last year.

He said: “This is the biggest investment we have made in the business and it will position us for strong growth in the future. We try to give people the highest quality product possible at the most suitable stable price.

“Before the regulations changed in 2025, I was looking for a solution for homebuilders and I’m confident this will be a game-changer not just for them, but for the entire industry. It will significantly reduce the environmental impact of installation of products in buildings, which is vital.

“From an ATS perspective, this will transform the way we work, from taking on large-scale projects to managing two or three smaller projects in a day without needing to rely on other departments. This allows us to manufacture Thermal Lightweight Aggregate (TLA) and screed from one truck – with guaranteed quality – so the whole process is completely streamlined, which is a huge step forward.

ATS was established eight years ago and has clients such as Sharkey at the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews, Ancorite at the Johnnie Walker Experience in Edinburgh and Robertson’s Moda, a property development in the capital’s Fountainbridge area.


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