Fort Myers epoxy flooring for homes and offices by professionals for functionality and aesthetic appeal


Epoxy Floor Supply Company has over 30 years of experience installing epoxy flooring for homes and commercial businesses. This company serves Fort Myers, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami and the Cape Coral area of ​​Florida. Its services are affordable and offered by courteous professionals.

According to ads posted by Epoxy Floor Supply Company and John Watkins, this Fort Myers epoxy flooring company has more than three decades of experience adding epoxy coats to concrete. Epoxy coated floors improve the functionality and aesthetics of the floor. The epoxy flooring adds to the value of the property. The 100% solid epoxy coatings used by Epoxy Floor Supply Company provide durability, strength and resilience that water-based epoxies cannot match.

This company’s epoxy flooring provides UV protection and prevents concrete from cracking due to thermal expansion and then cooling as temperatures drop after dusk. Epoxy protects concrete from deterioration due to exposure to weather and footsteps.

Water seeping into concrete cracks can lead to larger cracks requiring frequent and preventable repairs. The epoxy coating prevents water damage to submerged walls and foundations.

Epoxy flooring does not allow harsh chemicals and oils to damage the flooring. The coatings are easy to maintain and clean. Epoxy Floor Supply Company serves Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, Fort Myers and Coral Springs.

Businesses can protect their investments and minimize expenses by opting for an epoxy coating. Warehouses and industrial floors are subject to the weight of foot traffic, carts and machinery. Epoxy coatings from the Floorguard product line are beautiful to look at and abrasion resistant. Epoxy pigments and garage floor flakes protect surfaces from oils, moisture and chemicals.

The durable sealants available at this company extend the life of garage floors. Epoxy Floor Supply Company retails a concrete floor repair kit to repair cracks and marks that appear on concrete. This fast-curing concrete repair kit makes it easy to smoothly apply an epoxy finish.

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John Watkins of Epoxy Floor Supply Company said, “We are a family owned business supplying commercial contractors and homeowners with high quality epoxy flooring, pigments and flakes.

Epoxy Floor Supply Company has all the epoxy supplies you need to complete your metallic, flake or quartz flooring project the right way. We offer state-of-the-art products. Our flagship Polyaspartic SloGo 85 is amazing.

This breakthrough formula allows for 45-60 minutes of working time, saving you labor costs and increasing the quality of your production. Backed by over 30 years of flooring experience, our Floorguard products are perfect for your epoxy flooring needs. Residential contractors and do-it-yourselfers depend on Floorguard’s durability and great reputation in the flooring industry.

Many satisfied customers depend on Epoxy Floor Supply Company for their commercial and garage concrete flooring needs. You want beautiful, durable flooring that will last for years.

Professional looking epoxy floors add tremendous value to commercial properties and beautify garage floors with long lasting protection. With so many custom epoxy flooring options, your epoxy floor design can be anything you want. Choosing the best epoxy floor color and finish is key to getting the type of epoxy floor you can be proud of. What color and style do you like? Contact us for your epoxy floor design consultation.

Our range of Floorguard finishes gives you a distinctive look and protection ensuring safety, durability and aesthetically pleasing to any domestic or commercial flooring application.

About the company:

For over 30 years Epoxy Floor Supply Company has been applying epoxy floor coatings to concrete floors. Its range of Floorguard epoxy products are durable and easy to apply. Its epoxy floor systems are virtually maintenance free and easy to clean.

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