Good Smile Company replaces Oni Press at the San Diego Comic-Con Show Floor



The San Diego Comic-Con showfloor map may still contain Oni Press. But they will not be present at the show. Proximity to Scholastic Press has made pop culture real estate more valuable in recent years as Scholastic has become the top-selling comics publisher in the United States, but Bleeding Cool understands the place has been taken. by Japanese toy. Good Smile Company, which already has another stand a few aisles away at 1316.

Good Smile Company replaces Oni Press at the San Diego Comic-Con Show Floor

Oni Press/Lion Forge made headlines recently, with former owners James LucasJones and Charlie Chu expelled by parent company Polarity, others leaving voluntarily and their new reprint Gender Queer: A Memoir graphic novel landing them, and its writer/artist Maia Kobabe, with criminal prosecution for obscenity in the state of Virginia. as well as Oni Press receiving allegations of non-payment to comic book creators. Bleeding Cool looked at other recent work moves and overwork issues, which resulted in noticeable gaps in the editor’s schedule.

With fewer new products to sell, this may have made the show unaffordable, but it wastes valuable eye space. Oni Press will still conduct its scheduled panels for the show, which may at least provide an opportunity to ask a few questions. However, Oni Press may want to rewrite its Sunday SDCC panel entry, given that the two people making the panel are no longer with the company. Unless of course they show up to do so…

25 years of Oni Press: from classic to modern
Sunday July 24, 2022
11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Room 23ABC
James Lucas Jones (Oni Press Publisher) and Charlie Chu (Oni Press VP of Creative and Business Development) Join Comics Experts and Special Guest to Celebrate 25th Anniversary and Discuss Legacy from the publisher, from comics to graphic novels, from licenses to creators. , from Scott Pilgrim to The Tea Dragon Society, and more.

Good Smile Company replaces Oni Press at the San Diego Comic-Con Show Floor

Good Smile Company makes items based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Masters of the Universe, with their Nendoroid and figma product lines, so there should be plenty of opportunities at both booths.

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