Gosport pensioners shocked by Fabulosa cleaning foam blast – and feel ‘disgusted’ by company response


Blackthorn Drive couple Sue and Eddy Page bought the Fabuloso box of bath foam from a nearby store earlier this year, after using the product for over a year without any drama.

But Eddy, 71, says he was startled by a loud bang just weeks after buying more product – and discovered an alarming mess had been made in the couple’s bathroom.

He said: “About six weeks ago on a Saturday morning I was sitting downstairs. I had just had a cup of tea while reading The News. I was sitting there quietly when suddenly there was an almighty bang.

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Eddy Page, 71, from Gosport, points to the remains of a Fabulosa foam box which had exploded, chipping the ceramic of the adjacent toilet, lifting the laminate floor and blowing the bath mat across the room. Photo: Alex Shute in the photo – Eddy Page

“It was like fireworks or like a gunshot.

‘I thought, ‘what the hell was that?’.

“I went into the bathroom and there was all this foam all over the floor. It was beige and brown.

According to Eddy, the can was on the bathroom floor, away from anything that could have caused it to overheat in the well-ventilated bathroom.

He added: ‘Where the explosion was, part of the laminate floor was lifted and a small crack was removed from the wall tiles.

“If it had exploded in someone’s hand, I hate to think what might have happened.”

“It could have gouged out someone’s eyes.”

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The pair still have two canisters of cleaning foam that appear to be in working order kept in their conservatory – but the foam emitted comes out “all brown” rather than white, according to Sue.

She said the previous cartridges had worked “wonderfully” up until the incident – but now she is hesitant to buy more and feels disappointed with the company’s response to their concerns.

The 66-year-old said: ‘I’ve called them about five times. I said last time, ‘if you don’t do something about it now, I’ll see the papers’.

“They said, ‘Yeah, we’ll have someone tomorrow.’

‘We haven’t heard anything. It’s disgusting. I would like an apology.

‘I would love to buy their products again. But it’s ruined for me.

Now the company has a new name in the Page house, which is still waiting for news from the company.

Eddy said: “I nicknamed them ‘Fabulosers’ now.

“They need to at least acknowledge it and see if it was a bad batch – and obviously warn other people.

“We want someone from the company to give us more information.

“It’s really bad of them – they haven’t bothered to follow up on this complaint.”

Fabulosa has been contacted for comment.

A message from the editor, Mark Waldron

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