Happy Feet International Donates Flooring to Hostel’s Chattanooga Room


Happy Feet International, a Chattanooga-headquartered luxury vinyl plank and tile distributor, donated 2,000 square feet of flooring to Chattanooga Room in the Inn, a local shelter for homeless women and children . The donation will help support three families and three women. When the shelter dreamed of renovating its homes, Happy Feet and other community supporters came together to make the renovation a reality.

“Flooring is what we do, and our goal every day is to make people happy with it,” said CEO Casey Johnson. “As a husband and father, it was really important to me to be able to donate the flooring and be part of creating a positive experience for the women and children living in the homes.”

Because Happy Feet’s Highland Park warehouse is located near the shelter, the partnership was formed between neighbors. Happy Feet donated the materials to cover the flooring replacement needs of the three CRITI-owned rental homes. Meanwhile, members of the Southern Champion Tray maintenance team are completing unit maintenance and renovations.

The three houses owned by CRITI contain six rental units, allowing them to permanently accommodate three families and three women. The duplex, which can accommodate two families, was the first home to be remodeled with new Happy Feet flooring in its kitchen and dining room. Two other houses will then be renovated with flooring donated by Happy Feet, replacing the current carpet. The two unrenovated houses are currently occupied, but once renovated will once again house three women in need of shelter and another family awaiting accommodation.

“It’s always exciting to have a new partner for any project, as it’s a new relationship to foster for future growth,” said Erin Creal, CRITI’s Executive Director. “We really rely on the community to support our mission. Flooring is expensive and we are barely breaking even on rents. So we can use the funds we have saved on flooring to provide needed services to our constituents. »

To be eligible for housing, tenants must first go through a program run by CRITI. Then the organization helps them get a housing voucher through the Chattanooga Housing Authority. CRITI serves as both landlord and case manager to ensure their tenants are successful and to help them stay housed.

CRITI relies on corporate, community and volunteer donations to help house families in need. To learn more about Chattanooga Room in the Inn and how to support women and children in need, visit chattanoogaroomintheinn.com.


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