Hardwood Floors: Strata Renovations in Vancouver


For strata renovations, hardwood flooring is a classic update with timeless appeal.

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Vancouver, BC – (ReleaseWire) – 02/16/2022 – When it comes to laminate flooring replacements in Vancouver, hardwood is a big favorite. Few materials offer as much comfort, resistance and insulation. However, deciding on a floor for a condominium property means understanding the pros and cons. Learn more at https://bcfloors.ca/hardwood-flooring-in-vancouver-advantages-and-disadvantages-of-this-type-of-floor/

Hardwood floors in Vancouver
Hardwood flooring is made up of pieces of wood and comes in a wide variety of sizes that can simplify installation, reducing labor costs. For example, it may be possible to glue hardwood directly to a base or it may be pre-attached to slats.

Why Choose Hardwood Flooring for Renovations Strata

The first benefit we found is the aesthetics of hardwood flooring. The beauty of these floors is undeniable and the neutral color blends well with different decor schemes. Plus, while the price of real hardwood is a little daunting, there are beautiful synthetic hardwood floors that mimic the finish of hardwood and offer greater strength and durability. Another saving consideration is that wood is a powerful thermal insulator, protecting spaces from heat and cold, which can lead to cost savings.

Hardwood is also comfortable. It’s barefoot fun, all season long, bringing beauty and comfort to all kinds of spaces. For allergy sufferers, hardwood is more hygienic: it does not harbor dust and allergens like carpets. In addition, cleaning can be done with a vacuum cleaner or dust mop.

As a durable option, hardwood floors and laminate alternatives tend to be quite durable. Natural hardwoods can even be sanded and refinished, depending on thickness.

Of course, in condominiums, there are special considerations that must come into play. Hardwoods and even laminate can be more expensive in terms of initial investment and installation. To avoid buffer noises in stacked strata units, a good thick undercoat is essential. Unless it is carpet we must consider an acceptable noise reduction underlay for strata as residents are strict with noise.

Wood and laminate floors are also sensitive to water and can fade with exposure to sunlight, so it is important to understand the type and quality of the product before investing. Genuine hardwood will also need to be sanded every 9-10 years for optimum beauty.

Hardwood Floors in Vancouver – BC Floors Flooring Company

For those considering using hardwood or laminate for strata renovations, the BC Floors team can provide the advice and guidance needed to renovate strata spaces while ensuring that all guidelines and needs are met. BC Floors has professionals specializing in the installation, repair and refinishing of hardwood and laminate floors.

For a free on-site estimate, contact 604-239-5500 or [email protected] to start.

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BC Floors is a team with a high level of expertise in the flooring industry and ethical standards. Services include removal and disposal of old floors, installation of flooring, refinishing of hardwood floors, as well as custom work. Over the years, thousands of homeowners and commercial businesses have entrusted BC Floors with their construction and restoration projects. With a wide selection and competitive pricing, BC Floors is a one stop solution for all flooring related services and products in Vancouver.

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