Interface Expands Resilient Flooring Range with First Rigid Core Collection, Even Path™


ATLANTE, February 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Interface®, a global commercial flooring company and a global leader in sustainability, has expanded into the rigid core flooring category with the introduction of the Even Path™ Collection, its newest resilient offering. Rigid core flooring offers Interface customers the performance of durable hard flooring with the convenience of resilient tile.

The company’s premier rigid core collection, Even Path, features beautiful, high-quality wood and stone designs built to stand the test of time. Designed to withstand heavy static loads and hide subfloor imperfections, Interface has engineered its rigid-core products for today’s heavy-duty workspaces and commercial market.

“We are continually evolving our product portfolio to ensure we provide a variety of flooring solutions to align with our customers’ needs,” said Lisa King, Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at Interface. “As LVT continues to grow significantly in the commercial sector, we saw an opportunity to expand our resilient offerings. Our customers were looking for durable designs with a rigid, flat finish that feature glueless installation and are easy to maintain. Rigid core delivers all of these performance benefits.We have engineered an innovative rigid core construction designed specifically for use in commercial settings, with a design aesthetic that beautifully conveys the intricate detailing of solid wood and monumental stone.

Performance in every tile

Interface has designed its rigid core products for maximum durability as well as optimal flexibility. The result is a multi-layer tile rigorously engineered inside and out for high performance and quick installation over a variety of existing subfloors and even raised floors.

At the center of the slab is its rigid core layer, which allows the product to withstand heavy static loads with minimal residual indentations. On its surface, the unique Ceramor™X coating and wear layer double up to provide rugged protection against scratches, scuffs and abrasions. This special construction provides high performance for busy commercial spaces, while the product’s glueless, snap-together installation system reduces floor preparation and is quick to install.

“We welcomed the opportunity to design a product that took resilience and aesthetics to the next level,” explained Sajal Patel, Global Director, Resilient at Interface. “With advanced designs and an impressive palette of natural colors, our rigid core products make an impression on their own and look equally beautiful when paired with Interface LVT, carpet tiles and nora® rubber. Because all of our products are designed to work together, adding rigid core flooring to our product portfolio gives our customers high performance where they need it most.”

Commitment to sustainability

As part of its Climate Take Back™ mission to reverse global warming, Interface continues to reflect on how to reduce the carbon footprint of all of its products as it strives to become a carbon negative company. ‘by 2040. Building on its decades-long sustainability journey, including its continued transformation of the LVT and carpet tile markets, the company intends to drive innovation and transparency in the carpet tile category. rigid cores through the provision of new material formulations, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and third-party certifications.

Notably, Interface falls into the rigid core category with products that have a significantly lower carbon footprint than the industry standard, and the company aims to further decarbonize its products through innovations in manufacturing and materials. Together, these efforts are helping Interface move toward its carbon negative goal while helping its customers reduce the carbon footprint of their built spaces.

First Rigid Core Collection

Even Path, Interface’s first collection of hard core products, is designed with the strength and beauty of nature at its very core. Even Path expresses the aesthetics of solid wood, marble and concrete in every detail.

Available in 25cm x 1m planks, Even Path Woodgrains offers three unique patterns in 16 different colorways, offering a range of organic tones and shades that create stunning, natural and harmonious interiors. Meanwhile, Even Path Stones are available in two designs and eight colorways, with 50cm x 1m planks helping to create the aesthetic of marble and concrete.

Made with 39% recycled content, Even Path – like all flooring products sold by Interface – is carbon neutral throughout its lifecycle through the third-party verified Carbon Neutral Floors™ program. business.

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