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Designed to provide a new solution for architects when designing with integrated passive fire protection, Promat UK has launched SYSTEMGLAS Stratum.

Promat-StratumFireResistantGlass-22The solution is a new load-bearing floor system, which combines a structural glass floor with EI30 or EI60 glass to provide 30 or 60 minute interfloor integrity insulation and fire protection. It features a high strength double glazed SYSTEMGLAS unit, which typically has a 37mm tempered laminate top layer and a 16mm bottom layer, fitted in a steel frame, with spacer bars and all required insulating materials such as silicones and gaskets.

As well as being available in non-slip glazing, patterned and opaque glass options can be specified. These types of glass are popular for basement conversions where natural light can be introduced without compromising privacy in spaces that would otherwise rely entirely on 24/7 artificial light, Promat says.

SYSTEMGLAS Stratum has been independently tested, while the company also includes Promat SYSTEMGLAS 360 degree insurance wheel assurance. This means Promat UK will provide advice from specification through to installation, ensuring the system is manufactured to the ‘highest in-house quality standards’ and installed by a Promat approved installer.

A certificate of conformity is issued upon completion of the inspection by a Promat fire safety expert for maximum supply chain traceability.

Cath McLean, Segment Manager – Glass at Promat UK, said: “SYSTEMGLAS Stratum meets the growing demand for accessible glass floors, not only in commercial and public buildings, but increasingly in premium residential properties. The system offers the possibility of integrating a glass floor into a design where passive fire protection measures are required, both to allow building occupants a safe escape and to prevent major damage. to property in the event of a fire.

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