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Valley City Flooring Company Opens New Branch in Downtown Fargo

Founded by San Diego native Norberto Rivera Vazquez in 2014, LaValle Flooring is a full-service flooring and tiling company based in Valley City, ND that recently opened a new location in downtown Fargo. LaValle offers everything from carpet, vinyl, hardwood and tile to full flooring installation services in Fargo, Jamestown, Valley City and surrounding areas. Growing up in a family flooring business, Vazquez discovered that the business opportunity in North Dakota was optimal for starting her own flooring business. Through hard work and dedication, Vazquez has seen LaValle gain momentum and success, and has won the Best of Houzz award five times since 2018.

*Best of Houzz is a community award given to home professionals who contribute quality content to the Houzz community and provide excellent customer service to their customers. *

Q&A: Meet Matthew Sanchez, Fargo New Downtown Branch Manager

How long have you been with LaValle and how did you first connect?

I’ve worked with LaValle Flooring since 2018 on the sales side, but had previously helped out as an installation assistant in 2016. I actually went to high school in sunny San Diego, CA with Norberto, the eldest son of the family. , and I ended up moving to North Dakota a few years after him. The move was meant to be temporary until I could afford to pay my school fees back home, but then I met my wife, Madi, and plans changed a bit.

Talk about the customer experience LaValle is creating with its Fargo showroom.

Well, Fargo’s new site definitely takes advantage of the current era of technology! Basically, anyone within the company can access cameras, microphones, and even the front door from our phones, allowing us to let customers come in and check out our products without having to have anyone one in the showroom 24/7.

Why did you decide to open a showroom in Fargo? What opportunities have you seen?

Fargo is kind of in the middle of our range of services, so it only made sense that it was a place to expand. On a more personal note, my wife and I are having a baby this fall, and since I live in Fargo, commuting will be much easier when it comes to driving across town rather than commuting. one hour west on I-94.

Talk about the approach to creating a pressure-free customer experience. What are the benefits and how does this model shape who you are as a business?

One of the reasons I really enjoy working in sales at LaValle is that we never use any of the classic “sales tricks” that plague most retail stores. The best part of working with the products we have in the showroom is the quality of the product we offer, which means instead of talking about price I can talk more about the features and quality of the products . I think what helps us the most in terms of business is that we provide people with a customer experience that is focused on helping our customers improve their homes, not rushing to make a sale.

Rather than selling thousands of brands, LaValle focuses on selling a few and marketing them well. What are the advantages of this approach?

By having only a limited number of brands, we are able to foster a much stronger relationship with them. This brings a huge list of benefits, the two most important being better prices and better customer service, which in turn help us serve OUR customers better!

Although LaValle’s new Fargo location is “remote,” the store will still be busy Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you prefer to meet in person, feel free to drop by one of these days or book an appointment online!

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LaValle offers extended financing for hardware purchases only or for customers who wish to bundle materials with installation.

“From start to finish the staff did a great job of communication and service. The floors look great! »

-Paul B.

The staff are very helpful. I received so many good suggestions but I felt no pressure. I got exactly what I wanted in product and installation. I seriously have no reviews and consider myself a picky person. I will continue to use this company for future projects.

-Tina H

I can’t say enough good things about LaValle Flooring! First of all, the customer service is amazing! Quick communication. The second is pricing – they blow others out of the water with their great prices! Third, the flooring is beautiful and so easy to install. We used another product in another room and it didn’t go so well. I recommend LaValle Flooring to everyone!

– Holly O.

La Vallée Flooring

624 Suite 12 Main Avenue, Fargo.
(701) 212-3183


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