Maricopa Renovations: Locally-focused flooring contractor

Colorful cartoons decorate the Maricopa Renovations work van. Photo by Bob McGovern

Maricopa Renovations may grab attention with caricatures of owner Gary Hopkins and his wife Sandy, but he knows it’s the impeccable level of customer service that people will remember.

Hopkins, who started the company in 2014, has 26 years of remodeling experience. He came to Maricopa in 2004 from Chicago, where he got his start in the industry nearly three decades ago. In seven years, he estimates that he renovated more than 500 homes in Maricopa.

The company, which specializes in flooring and kitchen and bathroom renovations, works to differentiate itself in several ways in order to put the customer first.

“We are the only contractor to have a commercial storefront,” noted Sandy. “You can walk through our door. Whether now or in six months. This is the big difference with us.

While current or future customers may walk in from the street, Maricopa Renovations is working to make it easier for customers to do everything from home.

Gary goes the extra mile to visit the client at his residence.

“We bring them the showroom,” he said. “They can choose materials and colors directly at home. I deal with the owner from start to finish. The end of sales. The end of design. Manage work.

For the most part, the company only works in town, occasionally handling the odd out-of-town referrals. This decision stems, in part, from the couple’s memories of trying to get repairmen into their home to do any job.

“It was like pulling teeth,” Gary said, adding that they would be told, “You live in Maricopa, it’s going to cost $100 more to come over there.”

The desire to work only in Maricopa has always been there, and now there have been enough houses built over the years to supply a large clientele, he said. Working locally also helps ensure quality control.

“If I’m visiting homes in my hometown, I can constantly drive back and forth to work to stay on top of things,” Gary said. “If I do something out of town, it becomes a lot harder to do.”

This local focus also facilitates the achievement of a mission-critical aspect of customer service: a reasonable timeline for project completion.

“We go in and out,” he said. “We don’t sit at work for three months and work on 10 jobs at the same time. We install within a reasonable time. We realize that’s what the customer wants, because that’s what they will remember.


For 10 years after arriving in Maricopa, Hopkins was an owner-partner in a home improvement business.

In 2014 he sold his share of the business and started his own business in the city. He operates as a general contractor, working with a reliable group of trades people with whom he has a history. For example, his tiler has been with him for eight years and his flooring team for five years.

Its clientele is a mix of people living in some of Maricopa’s oldest homes from the early and mid-2000s as well as new owners.

“I have people who just closed a house,” Hopkins said. “They haven’t moved in yet. A brand new house has just been built. Ripped all the carpeting and put new floors.

Maricopa Renovations has been “crazy busy” since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, Gary said.

“I guess more people are staying home, looking at their house and thinking ‘What can I do? ‘, he said. ‘No one was taking vacations and they had money to spend.’

The pandemic has also prompted a number of requests for mother-in-law suites. Additionally, the company has handled vinyl plank flooring installations, including a recent project where wall-to-wall tiles were ripped from a home and replaced with the flooring option. sustainable.

“Vinyl flooring is big right now,” Sandy said. “It’s amazing. So easy to clean. You can pass these little Roombas around and you don’t even have to mop your floors anymore.

Because Gary orders flooring directly from manufacturers and doesn’t have significant overhead, he can typically beat big-box store prices by an average of 30-40%.

Other popular renovation projects are the removal of shower-tub combos in many homes across the city to make way for larger walk-in showers.

In the kitchen, Hopkins installs plenty of white cabinetry and quartz countertops, especially the gray marbling variety that many customers choose as a stylish complement to crisp white cabinetry.

Sandy Gary Hopkins
Gary Hopkins with Sandy, his wife and business partner.


It’s fair to say that many people discover Maricopa Renovations through word of mouth and clever branding.

Gary and Sandy use colorful caricatures of themselves to draw attention to their businesses.

At the start of the business, they had their picture on a billboard.

“We had a billboard on 347 probably seven years ago,” Sandy recalls. “There was a picture on it and that was the picture we put everywhere, and everyone knew it. I would meet people and they would be like, ‘Oh, that doesn’t look like you.’ So that’s where I got the idea for the caricature. It’s you, but it’s not you.

Last year they had their cartoons put on the work van, next to the words “Maricopa’s Property Couple”. Gary is wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a baseball cap and is holding a hammer. Sandy is holding a “Sold” sign.

“It makes people stop,” Sandy said. “It’s memorable.”

Sandy said she faked renders of herself and Gary and put them on Facebook for comment.

“I would say, ‘Here’s my character, what do you think? “”, she recalls. “And they were like, ‘Oh, she needs red fingernails’ or ‘Oh, she needs longer hair’.”

Gary said the van promoting his home improvement services and Sandy’s real estate services that reads “Maricopa Renovations & Real Estate” confuses some people.

“They call me and say, ‘Do I have to sell my house for you to renovate it?’ he said. “And I’m like, ‘No, you’re reading the back of the van too literally. You don’t have to sell your house.

Until recently, the Hopkins relied on social media to promote their services. They now advertise in the belief that people will choose them for renovations if they are lucky enough to know about the company.

“That’s the big deal,” Sandy said. “People don’t know we’re here. We want people to know we are here.

Age: 55
Hometown: Chicago
maricopan: Since 2004
Occupation: Owner-operator of Maricopa Renovations
Family: Wife Sandy, four children and four grandchildren
Leisure: Golf
Favorite quote: “It’s like that.”

This story appears in the August issue of In Maricopa magazine.


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