Other Violations Found at Cumberland Beagle Breeding Facility


A recent federal inspection report found new violations at a controversial Cumberland beagle breeding facility that is under intense scrutiny by state and federal lawmakers.

A March 8 report from the US Department of Agriculture found five additional violations at the breeding center, owned by Envigo, a global biotechnology company. All were repeat violations, including a continued failure to provide adequate veterinary care and unsafe conditions that resulted in dogs being trapped in the facility floor and injured by unsafe enclosures. Workers consistently failed to consider the compatibility of dogs raised at the facility or break up fights, which resulted in serious injuries.

Between November and early March, records showed at least 59 dogs were injured in fights, according to the report. Inspectors also found that the feeders were not sufficiently clean, resulting in wet and moldy feed.

“The total number of USDA violations at the facility is now 70 since July 2021 and records show eight dogs were euthanized after a fight,” said Tasgola Bruner, spokesperson for People for the Ethical Treatment. of Animals. PETA has spent years advocating for reforms at the breeding center with other animal welfare activists, including the group SHARKwhich first brought attention to the installation in 2017 through drone footage showing hundreds of beagles crammed into pens and barking frantically.


.(Virginia Mercury)

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