Primark shoppers left stunned after woman ‘went into labour’ in shop


The woman was shopping at a Primark in Nottingham city center when she went into labour, according to a viral TikTok video, with commenters saying it’s their ‘worst nightmare’

A woman gave birth while shopping at the Primark store in Nottingham city center

Primark shoppers were stunned when a woman browsing the aisles started giving birth in the shop.

Despite the shock, several customers didn’t let the bizarre event slow down their reading of discounted clothing and continued to shop.

In a TikTok video filmed in March but only now going viral, the poster explained how the woman shopped at a Primark store in Nottingham city centre, birmingham live reports.

The user captioned the video, saying: ‘How does someone literally give birth at Nottingham Primark when everyone is casually shopping.’

In the clip, the woman can be heard moaning as she experiences pain during labor.

A staff member can be heard announcing, “A lady is in labor and we are waiting for the paramedics.

“We are closing the store and there is no time scale, we will reopen as soon as possible.”

The store temporarily closed after the incident in late March, with only staff members allowed to remain in the store.

TikTok user couldn’t figure out why people kept shopping


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It is understood the woman was taken to hospital where she gave birth.

Shoppers left the store after the announcement.

A woman noted that she could get restless inside the store around 2:15 p.m.

Primark and East Midlands Ambulance Service have been approached for comment.

One person joked that the new mum could get free Primark clothes for life


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Viewers of the video couldn’t believe how unlucky the woman was.

“If I was pregnant it would be my worst nightmare,” said one.

Another commented: “Having recently given birth I can confirm she doesn’t care where she is or who is watching, she just wants the baby out NOW!”

A third joked: “Couldn’t they have moved her to the reserve?!”

One joked, “Free Primark clothes for life!”

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