Public Offering Brewing Co. Announces Opening This Fall


The community-minded brewery lets customers become part of the experience offering floor-to-ceiling views of the 10-barrel brewery, expansive seating and a variety of beer styles

DENVER—Public Offering Brewing Co. (1736 South Broadway Denver, CO 80210), a community-minded brewery in the South Broadway neighborhood, is proud to announce its grand opening this fall.

Brazenly named, in part because of founder Cody Higginbottom’s investment banking background, the financial associations stop there. Instead, the name Public Offering is a nod to the idea that beer isn’t the only offering to the public, the whole brewery is.

“The whole concept of the brewery creates a place where everyone not only feels a connection to the brewery, but also feels like a part of it,” says Higginbottom. “For so many people, beer can be a common bond and the catalyst for conversation and friendship. We just want to go the extra mile and make our customers and our community feel like our brewery is theirs. brewery and create a great neighborhood of beer-loving friends.

Higginbottom worked with Chord Design Studio and Novum Contracting Group to bring his vision for the brewery to life. The tap room anchor offers a view of the 10-barrel brewery which is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows with bar seating all around that allow patrons to view the entire process from bean to glass. The eye-catching reception hall, which blends industrial and natural elements to provide a bright, comfortable and inviting space, features an interior pergola, barrel roof, large community tables, front roll-up garage doors and rear, as well as a rear -patio with plenty of on-site parking.

Higginbottom’s brewing experience includes 10 years of homebrewing, a craft brewing certificate from Regis University and an internship at Station 26 Brewing under the tutelage of Wayne Waananen and Allen Anderson. He spent most of his brewing career honing his skills in beer processes and recipes, even starting a pilot program allowing Denver residents to submit anonymous feedback.

Public Offer Brewing’s ever-growing roster of taps will include a well-rounded menu that leans towards more hoppy beers, as well as other styles of beer. The brewery aims to listen to the community about what they want to drink and see on the menu.

“It’s been such a long and difficult road to open that as soon as we open those doors to the public, it will feel like an incredible achievement,” says Higginbottom. “I’m so excited to share our beers and our taproom with everyone. I hope the community will join us on the journey – we want them to be part of it every step of the way! »

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About the Brewing Company Public Offering

Public Offering Brewing is a community-minded brewery located in the South Broadway neighborhood offering a variety of beer styles in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

At Public Offering, from our perspective, this place is as much yours as it is ours. So come see how our beer is created from grain to glass, taste our successes, or tell us what went wrong, and help us improve and evolve our beers. Better yet, give us new ideas and see them come to life. Good beer isn’t just the best yeast, barley, hops, and water; it’s also the inspiration, collaboration, camaraderie and care that goes into making every batch. We believe it takes a village to raise a beer, which is why we don’t just offer our beers to the public. We offer you our entire brewery.

For more information about Public Offering Brewing Company, visit their website or follow @publicofferingbrewing on Instagram.


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