Resinous Flooring System Covered in Latest eBook


The magazine’s sponsored e-book series continues with a discussion of specifying the right resin flooring system.
Photo courtesy Tnemec

The selection of flooring materials often begins with the preferred visual appeal based on the needs of the architect, interior designer or homeowner. Which materials would best meet aesthetic needs: the warmth of hardwoods, the durability and decorative options of tile, or the economy and cleanliness of vinyl? Materials such as tile and sheet metal are typical options, but for many projects high performance coatings are an effective and often desired alternative.

Few materials meet the combined benefits of coatings. Varied chemistries engineered into a complete system provide a seamless, easy-to-clean surface that stands up to heavy traffic, impact, and chemicals, while offering everything from a utilitarian and industrial look to something suitable to a business environment. However, selecting the right coatings and specifying the appropriate system can be more difficult than choosing a type of tile or vinyl. An article in our latest sponsored e-book explains how to specify the right resin flooring system.

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