ruisánchez arquitectes fronts barcelona arts center with ceramic tile screen


an industrial renovation in barcelona

the barcelona studio ruisánchez arquitectes merges the historic and the contemporary with its contemporary art center “fabra & coats”. the renovated structure occupies the site of a former textile factory in a northern district of the spanish city and was originally characterized by its industrial brick expression. when remodeling the factory, the design team worked with ceramic company flexbrick to design a delicate facade of vertical ceramic tiles.

the factory has been disused since the 1980s and has since been used sporadically as a general events space. more recently the structure had fallen into a state of decay with poorly preserved wooden floors, cracked concrete elements, and damage to windows and their frames.

pictures © simon garcia | @simon_arqfoto

the heritage building as an artifact

the design team of ruisánchez arquitectes (see more here) brings back to life what has become the “fabra & coats” contemporary art center while celebrating its industrial heritage. for example, even though the original heating and lighting systems were in such disrepair that they were not salvageable, the team retained selected items as museum artifacts to incorporate into the renovation.

the interiors of the refurbished factory took on a fresh, open layout to be used for flexible exhibition space, with clean white plastered walls and whitewashed wooden flooring. overall, the original volume had been retained, although exterior walls were opened up with full-height glazing to allow for naturally sunny interiors.

ruisánchez architectes

ruisánchez architectes ruisánchez architectes


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