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Mary Ley and David Lenz followed the oft-repeated advice and kept their receipts.

The couple, 64 and 70, completed a project to install new flooring in the kitchen and dining room of their Dodgeville home in 2014. They used hickory from Great Lakes Flooring, purchased in two batches in August 2012 and November 2014 from Les Menards. on the Far West Side of Madison.

About two years later, the couple started noticing blemishes. They did not come without hazards.

“I have at least 20 splinter points on the floor,” Ley sent SOS on Feb. 8. “My grandson got a 3½ (inch) splinter on the bottom of his foot, had to go to the doctor to have it removed.”

Ley and Lenz had made a claim on the flooring’s 20-year warranty in June and had obtained June and October letters from the third-party claims administrator of Menards and Great Lakes Gallagher Bassett Services, respectively, stating that the companies were investigating the matter.

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Ley said when she called Menards customer service, she was told the claim had been forwarded to Great Lakes. She said she called both Great Lakes and Gallagher Bassett and was told the case was closed, but no one would tell her why.

SOS emailed Menards, Great Lakes and Gallagher Bassett on February 11, along with photos of the letters and receipts for the flooring.

Ley said he received a letter dated Feb. 12 offering to settle the case for about $700 in store credit, the cost of the first batch of flooring. SOS then reminded Menards that there had been two lots, with a total value of over $2,000, and Ley said he received a settlement letter on February 24 offering $2,012.64 in store credit. Menards.

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She would prefer cash, and Menards spokesman Jeff Abbott said he asked Great Lakes for the warranty in effect at the time of the flooring purchase, but did not. had not received.

Great Lakes and Gallagher Bassett did not respond to multiple requests for comment. Current Great Lakes warranties only provide for the repair, replacement or restoration of defective floors “at the option of the flooring manufacturer”.

Missing piece

Eric Lewis, 76, of Madison, purchased a Kenmore floor model dishwasher from the now-closed Sears in the East Towne mall on August 26, only to discover after driving it home that it was missing a wheeled thing that attaches to the bottom rack to make it easier to insert the rack into the washer.

So he ordered it online for $44.57 and installed it himself. Problem solved, except he was having trouble finding someone at Sears he could contact to activate the dishwasher warranty and get his $44.57 back.

SOS put him in touch with Dana Shoulders, team leader for regulatory complaints for Sears parent company Transformco, and Lewis reported on Feb. 25 that he “got a really good call from Dana today , she thinks I’ll see the credit in a week or so.”

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Service missing

Dana Corbett, 72, of Madison, said upgrades to her Frontier Communications service at her LaValle cabin resulted in a Frontier billing error, which caused her to miss two months of bills, which left her tricked into paying the bills twice in an attempt to keep the service active, which led to another month of haggling with Frontier to get the extra payment and late fees waived, and his service maintained.

“I have paid all my bills in full and I am still being asked to pay $290 which I do not owe and they are threatening to cut service,” he wrote to SOS on February 12. “What do you recommend I do to avoid loss of service and get out of Frontier’s accounting mess?”

SOS recommends going to Frontier’s vice president of corporate communications and external affairs, Javier Mendoza, which he did on February 22.

Corbett said on Tuesday that a Frontier customer service manager had called him about a week earlier and – long story short – his late fee was waived and his overpayment credited, for a total credit on his account of 270. $.06.

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“Amazing that in just a few hours you were able to solve a problem I had been trying to solve for 19 months!” she says.

SOS: Cottage Grove couple get credit for phone company no-shows

“We have been unshown, uncalled three times,” Hartman wrote to SOS on Friday, Dec. 27.

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“I had already canceled and returned their gear,” Steimel said.

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This week, problems solved from opposite ends of communications history:

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“In the last 90 days, we had six days of working phone service,” one customer lamented.

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“I talked to them until I was blue in the face,” he told SOS on October 24.

SOS: Landline was priority for rural Dodgeville couple, if not necessarily Frontier

To get a signal for their cell phone, they are forced to “stand outside in a specific spot (in the rain) or drive our car to the top of the surrounding landscape.”

SOS: Frontier cancels collections and promises a refund

Additionally, John Mandt said he got refunds of payments on the auto repair warranty he purchased in March and canceled in April.

SOS: correct price for the man from Beaver Dam;  the tone returns for the Lodi couple

The answer? $67.80 per month. The bill that arrived in his email on February 8? $73.58 per month.

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“Really, they can’t expect me to go up on the roof,” she said.


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