Southwest Tile and Flooring is Changing the Flooring Industry in Albuquerque with its Revolutionary Business Model


Southwest Tiles and Flooring is changing the Albuquerque tile and flooring industry with its unique business model that combines tile retail and installation in the same company. The company first came into the limelight when it advertised its “ancillary” services, including cabinet construction, kitchen and bathroom renovations and stone pathway construction.

The new business model allows the company to offer a complete flooring design package at prices lower than purchasing and installing tile and flooring from separate service providers. It also allows the design experts at Southwest Tiles and Flooring to help their clients make better flooring and tiling design choices based on other design features of their home.

In a recent interview, a representative from Southwest Tiles and Flooring told the press, “It takes a keen eye to know which tiles and flooring patterns would go well with which style of home. Browsing through the tile store and guessing which tiles will go well with your home is not the best way to design your home.

The representative added, “Our professionals inspect the client’s home and use their expertise to help them choose the right flooring and tile material and pattern for their home. Sometimes when different aspects of the house don’t match, we use the floor and the tile to put it all together. Other times we use floors and tiles to add richness to the home. It becomes really artistic very quickly.

Southwest West Tiles and Flooring is one of the few companies in Albuquerque that offers professional home design services with installation. The representative explains that their combined business model allows them to do this. As an installation company that also offers a variety of tiles and flooring, Southwest Tiles and Flooring is more than the sum of its parts.

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