Stories Flooring brings luxury and sustainable flooring options from Amtico and Karndean to the UK

Floor Lusso Bentley Portofino LVT SPC

Floor Lusso Bentley Portofino LVT SPC

Bentley Portofino Dry Back Herringbone Sunshine Oak Swatch

Bentley Portofino Dry Back Herringbone Sunshine Oak Swatch

Lusso LVT floor

Lusso LVT floor

Lusso Bentley Portofino LVT SPC Floor Promo

Lusso Bentley Portofino LVT SPC Floor Promo

Stories Flooring, based in Leeds, offers a wide range of alternative Amtico and Karndean flooring choices, such as Lusso Portofino, SPC flooring and LVT flooring.

I’m really impressed with Stories Flooring. The product was available online at the most reasonable price I have found anywhere. Customer service was fantastic. I would definitely recommend them.

—Hannah Payne

LEEDS, WEST YORKSHIRE, UK, July 29, 2022 / — Flooring can have a huge impact on the look and feel of a building’s interior. However, the wrong type, finish, or color of the floor can reduce the appeal of the entire space. Therefore, compatibility of quality and style is often a key consideration for property owners in the UK when selecting flooring for their residences, workplaces or commercial offices. They also need to choose the appropriate color combinations and materials that match their budget and the flooring requirements for their residential or commercial properties.

When finding the right flooring for their home or office, homeowners encounter various hurdles, which is why reputable online retailers like Stories Flooring make it easy for buyers to select color, material, design and finishes. detailed information on each product presented as well as cheaper alternatives to Amtico. Additionally, customers can save time and receive faster delivery by booking online.

Flooring is required at the initial construction stage of a new building or for replacement or renovations due to damage, new owners, trend changes or renovations. However, flooring installations cannot be changed every month or even renovated very frequently. It is neither easy nor financially feasible. As a result, homeowners often seek the help of local flooring suppliers to make informed decisions about the type of flooring they need. Vendors like Stories Flooring understand customer needs and offer a wide range of options.

There are many high-end flooring solutions on the market, and homeowners should carefully browse through the different options available. Along with choosing from tile, carpet, vinyl, hardwood, and other types of flooring, there are many subcategories to weigh against each other.

Sampling and finalizing the perfect flooring can be tricky, but flooring suppliers and sellers like Stories Flooring can help find the right fit in indoor environments. The industry has become modern with regards to new and current trends in the field of construction and interior design. Homeowners prefer to decorate their homes with a sleek, minimal finish to suit this fashion statement, for which luxurious flooring is often essential.

When shopping for flooring, homeowners may come across LVT and SPC flooring options. The questions of what is LVT flooring and what is SPC, are common among consumers as these types of flooring have only recently gained popularity. However, if a construction worker deals with the flooring of a building, they will be able to explain what these types of flooring are and what they do for the interior of a space. Buyers can ask companies like Stories Flooring in Leeds to help them understand these options.

“I’m really impressed with Stories Flooring. The product was available online at the most reasonable price I could find. Customer service was fantastic in answering all questions and processing my purchase. Would definitely recommend.”
-Hannah Payne

Although they offer the finest finish and a high-end look, natural hardwood floors or stone floors can have drawbacks. For one thing, despite care and maintenance, hardwood floors remain prone to scratches, nicks, and other nicks and scuffs from daily wear and tear.

If these abrasions in wood floors are not refinished and taken care of in time, they will likely absorb moisture and cause cupping or swelling. Stone floors also have many disadvantages, such as being prone to water damage, difficult to install and very expensive. Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and stone plastic composite (SPC) are common alternatives for durable, low-maintenance flooring.

Homeowners looking for a natural finish without investing in high cost, time and labor for installation often opt for LVT or SPC floors. These types of flooring are designed to extend the same natural look of wood or stone, but with the functionality of vinyl flooring.

When paving any area, property managers are likely to consider factors such as low maintenance, high water resistance, and minimum noise underfoot. Water-resistant floors have a longer lifespan and are unlikely to settle, warp or swell due to accidental spills, moisture from weather conditions and excess humidity. Businesses and homeowners can choose LVT and SPC flooring materials, which are known for their excellent water resistance.

Impermeable floors are not only very durable, but also easier to clean. There are many techniques for cleaning floors, but maintenance should always be easy. A simple broom and mop could provide the best and fastest floor cleaning for any home. Yorkshire-based flooring companies offer flooring options that are easy to maintain and don’t require extravagant cleaning routines despite looking luxurious. Companies like Stories Flooring offer LVT and SPC flooring that meet these specifications.

In today’s world, time is of the essence: the faster a job is done, the faster we move on to the next. Easy to install flooring that provides excellent durability is what most homeowners are looking for, as opposed to old tile, cement and mortar flooring. Stories Flooring and other similar new-age flooring companies provide luxury vinyl and stone and plastic composite flooring to homeowners, business owners, contractors and construction workers in across the UK. These floors are generally easy to install, and some even offer renovation. These can usually be glued on or come with a snap-on approach. Although sometimes the debate between SPC and LVT flooring affects all buyers, the difference between the two is relatively insignificant.

Some building owners are looking for flooring with that extra bit of extravagance to add an upscale essence to homes and offices. Flooring suppliers offer another high-quality option that buyers are gradually turning to for a natural wood floor look. The Lusso Portofino SPC flooring is an economical and luxurious alternative to commonly used luxury vinyl tiles, Amtico floors or Karndean floors. Many industry vendors such as Stories Flooring offer high quality Lusso Portofino flooring, LVT and SPC flooring, etc. They provide up to three free samples so customers can determine the perfect combination for their interior.

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