Summit International Flooring Introduces Jabo’s Highly Sought After Sisal and Wool Flooring Products in the USA


“Summit International Flooring is delighted to distribute Jabo’s beautiful, sustainable products, including its sisal range,” says Mark Becker, National Sales Manager for Summit International Flooring. “Sisal is what started it all for Jabo. It has stood the test of time in the design world and it will continue to stand the test of time for our customers.”

Jabo has been around for almost 70 years. Around 1953, John Bosman created a machine that turned hemp, sisal, and coconut fibers into wide-width rugs. These same machines are at the origin of the wool carpets, which gave rise to the name Jabo. Jabo’s sisal line has been so successful that customers looking for the innovative product have started simply asking their interior designers for “Jabo”.

Today, Jabo continues to innovate in the world of textiles. Its sisal catalog includes the expected beiges and browns, but also features handsome blacks and grays. Jabo also offers wool products for those looking for a more classic look and a wool blend for a more economical approach. The materials they use are both natural and sustainable, which is also a priority for Summit International Flooring.

“Summit’s products are formulated to balance both performance and transparency, and many of our products meet LEED, Living Building Challenge (LBC) or WELL Building Standard project requirements,” continues Becker. “With Jabo’s focus on sustainability, including them in our offering was a natural move.”

Summit’s products, along with its team of professionals, have made a lasting impression on those who cater to affluent customers around the world. Serving top interior design companies, architects and flooring professionals, Summit International Flooring offers minimalist European styles, as well as real welcome mats and spectacular resilient flooring for use in commercial applications. and residential, with innovative design and quality that exceeds expectations.

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About Summit International Flooring:

Summit International Flooring, headquartered in Whippany, New Jerseywas founded in 2003 and is one of the nation’s leading independent flooring suppliers and consultants, offering the most unique, high-quality flooring products – ranging in part from OBJECT CARPET (Germany), Jacaranda rug (United Kingdom), Van Besouw rug (Netherlands), Bentzon rugs (Denmark), Granorte Liege (Portugal), and Fitnice woven vinyl, (Spain). Serving top design firms, architects, and flooring professionals who demand premium quality products with innovative design and exceptional value, Summit International Flooring is the exclusive U.S. distributor of many specialty flooring products. For more information, visit

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