Suncoast passionate about flooring and professional installation


Jeremy focuses on business processes and facilities, while Carrie focuses on marketing and promotion. Jeremy goes out with a tape measure and makes sure projects get off to a quick and successful start. Carrie manages business operations and ensures the showroom is stocked with beautiful products.

This power couple met while still in high school, graduated to college, and have been married for 25 years. They have both worked in a variety of roles in and out of the housing industry, making them well-rounded and professionally developed. Jeremy started his own custom stucco and kitchen cabinet business and fabricated hardwood doors and floors. Carrie has worked in the housing industry for 25 years and has been a real estate agent for five years. She therefore saw and sold a good part of the floors.

The new company slogan “A passion for flooring and professional installation” was chosen with intention.

They take their professionalism seriously at Suncoast.

Jeremy and Carrie understand that people are hesitant to remodel their homes and sometimes get overwhelmed when trying to choose a company or individuals for these projects.

“Our number one goal is to create an exceptional customer experience by helping them feel comfortable and confident throughout the installation process,” said co-owner Carrie Carver.

Carrie has realized in real estate that people are hesitant to buy homes that need updating because these projects can be daunting. Suncoast exists to help owners simplify this process with confidence.

“When someone walks through those doors and spends thousands of dollars on their flooring, the experience has to be good,” Jeremy said. “They’re making a huge investment and they need to feel good about it.”

Suncoast puts product quality and customer service first. Stop by their flooring showroom to see the quality and experience the service first hand.

They offer free quotes on their services. Suncoast offers every flooring option you can think of, from carpet and porcelain tile to engineered wood and vinyl laminate plank (LVP), also known as vinyl laminate tile (LVT) . They have also started carrying decorative pool tiles to make your backyard oasis stand out.

Give your bathroom or kitchen a makeover with an accent tile backsplash and new floors. Suncoast has the solutions.

“Professional consultation, coordination and installation is not something we are prepared to rush. The quality of our projects is the priority,” said Jeremy. “But we strive to complete projects quickly and go to extraordinary lengths to meet a client’s schedule.”

With the current supply chain environment, Suncoast is focused on products and suppliers – many of which are made in the USA – with exceptional availability and fast delivery times to ensure project start times in timely.

Suncoast Flooring and Design, formerly known as Suncoast Flooring, Kitchen & Bath, began in 2004 and is located at 5668 Gulf Breeze Parkway, Unit 2. They changed their name to reflect their vision to expand their offerings beyond- more than just flooring.

They even do financing through Synchrony Bank.

“Clients can apply through us and be approved almost immediately,” said design consultant Debbie Starling, who has worked in the industry for 10 years.

Jeremy says Suncoast focuses on the elements of a home that are more permanent. Lighting and kitchen equipment are easily replaced, but flooring is long lasting.

“You don’t want to lay down floors that you want to replace in five years,” Jeremy said. “You want to lay floors that you’re going to be on your deathbed like, ‘I still love those floors! “”
The environment shapes us, so Suncoast’s vision is truly to create an environment that people love, where they can thrive.
“We want to be part of designing these spaces where people live their lives,” Jeremy said. 0


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