The former Burlington Lafayette is set to become a new flooring store

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Floor & Decor, an Atlanta-based flooring retailer, plans to spend more than $6.6 million to renovate the old Burlington on the Ambassador Caffery Parkway for a new store, records of the Consolidated Government show allow of Lafayette.

Records show that CenterPoint Integrated Solutions, a Colorado real estate and engineering firm, obtained a permit for the 3300 Ambassador Caffery Parkway store for renovation.

Renovations will include new doors, paint, lights and zero entry curbs on the exterior. Inside, the renovation includes a new vestibule, office space, paint, new floor slab, new lighting, updated HVAC and new sprinkler system. The store address has also been updated to 3310 Ambassador Caffery Parkway.

Burlington vacated the space and moved into the former Stein Mart on Johnston Street in 2022.

Johnston Street Development Obtains Shell Permit

The Forum, a commercial development on Johnston Street started by Sneaker Politics owner Derek Curry, has obtained planning permission to construct a shell for one of the buildings, according to LCG permit records.

The forum: New $50 million Johnston Street development promises innovative shopping experience

The new construction permit listed an estimated value of $700,000.

The Forum was announced in November 2021 as a partnership between Curry, Keaty Real Estate, Collective Woodworks and Design and The Architect Design Studio.

The $50 million development, located at 4533 Johnston Street, is expected to be a new hub for the Lafayette area built around high-end boutiques, local and regional restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Ochsner opens a health center in Mauritius

General Ochsner Lafayette on Friday cut the ribbon for the new Ochsner Health Center – Mauritius, which will house an urgent care center and MTS Physiotherapy and Wellness.

The center is located at 4402 route 167 in Mauritius. The two clinics have a combined space of 7,200 square feet. This is General Ochsner Lafayette’s fifth emergency in Acadiana and the first in Mauritius.

The health center is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The facility will begin receiving patients on Monday.

“With the opening of Ochsner Health Center-Maurice and MTS Physical Therapy & Wellness, Ochsner Lafayette General becomes an integral part of a community that has grown tremendously over the past 10 years,” said Patrick Gandy, CEO of Ochsner Lafayette General. “We promise to honor this growth and defend it as our teams care for their friends and neighbors. We look forward to taking care of Mauritius for years to come.

Waitr holding a second vote on the reverse stock split

Waitr, the Lafayette-based delivery service being rebranded to ASAP, is holding a second shareholder vote to approve a reverse stock split in a bid to avoid losing its NASDAQ listing.

In June, the company notified the US Securities Exchange Commission that shareholders did not approve of an initial consolidation attempt. About 60.4 million votes were in favor of the plan, while 35.5 million were against. There were approximately 238,000 abstentions.

Waitr needed a majority of shares to vote in favor of the reverse split, but the total votes in favor were only about 38% of the total shares.

Business Buzz: Waitr plan for reverse stock split fails, karaoke bar expands to new location

The company’s management pursued the reverse split in an effort to boost its stock price to avoid being ousted from NASDAQ. The consolidation would give shareholders one combined share for a certain number of existing shares. The proposal would allow the board of directors to issue the reverse split at a ratio between 1:4 and 1:20.

Originally, Waitr had until July 25 to raise its stock price above $1 for 10 consecutive business days, but the company was given an extension until January 23.

On Friday, the company’s stock price opened at $0.38. In the second quarter of 2022, the company recorded a loss of $11.7 million after seeing its revenue fall by more than a third compared to the second quarter of 2021.

Permit issued for the construction of SchoolMint

LCG’s permit office issued a permit last week for the renovation of SchoolMint’s future headquarters in the LaPlace neighborhood of Lafayette.

Since moving from California to Lafayette, the company has worked in two temporary spaces. The first was the former Daily Advertiser building on Bertrand Drive, which was followed by the Lemoine Building on Jefferson Street.

After: SchoolMint will move its headquarters to the renovated Monroe warehouse in the LaPlace district

Soon, the company’s permanent home will be a historic warehouse at 319 Monroe Street. The company is working with the Lafayette Public Trust Financing Authority to renovate the 1950s warehouse, which was built by longtime entrepreneur Horace Rickey Sr.

The renovation is valued at $1.3 million, according to permit records.

Moncus Park will start charging for parking

Moncus Park, the sprawling new park at the former University of Louisiana at Lafayette Horse Farm, will launch its paid parking model starting Tuesday.

Admission to the park will always be free, but parking in the park’s paved parking lot will cost $2 per hour after the first half hour.

The first half hour is free. The maximum rate per day will be $10 and a lost ticket will be $10 per day. Parking will be free on Mondays.

Members of the Friends of Moncus Park program benefit from special discounts. Members at the $100 or higher level receive the first hour of parking free. Members at the $1,000 or higher level receive an annual parking pass.

Revenue from parking will be used to maintain and upkeep the property.

“As a community supported park, every dollar makes a difference when you look after a property of this size,” said JP MacFadyen, Executive Director of Moncus Park. “Our intention is to have a paid parking plan that serves our community. With the ability to enjoy all of our features for free, we believe this is the right direction.”

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