These new WiZ smart lighting options will light up your world…and your floor


WiZ, the more budget-friendly, hubless sibling of Philips Hue (both companies are owned by Signify), bolstered its range of Wi-Fi-powered smart lighting products with new releases this week.

The $89.99 WiZ Mobile Handheld Light arrives in October, and the $24.99 WiZ Smart Button, which acts as a switch or remote control for all WiZ lights, is coming in September. The company also added WiZ bar and floor lamps as options for indirect lighting and wall lighting, which are available now.

The current WiZ range starts at less than $11 per bulb and includes standard shapes for white and colored bulbs, light strips and downlights. There are also smart plugs, a wired dimmer and a motion sensor – most of the basics for a smart lighting setup. WiZ products work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri Shortcuts, IFTTT and SmartThings. Signify is also committed to Matter support over Wi-Fi in the WiZ range when the new smart home standard arrives later this year.

Touch controls allow you to dim the light and activate scenes you’ve set up in the WiZ app.
Image: WiZ

Just in case the design doesn’t reveal it, the name of WiZ’s new lamp indicates that the mobile portable lamp is one that you can easily transport from room to room (but not outside, because it there is no water resistance rating). The portable light is battery powered and comes with a USB-C charging cable. WiZ claims it runs for around 10 hours on a full charge, and there’s a carry handle.

As for the lighting, it’s a smart color light, offering preset lighting modes, scenes and dynamic options like the candle that simulates a flickering flame, which you configure in the app. WiZ for smartphones. There are also options for a slow fade or a slow brighten to relax or wake up, and you can use two different color gradients for a shadow lighting effect.

There are physical controls on the light – a touchscreen to dim, brighten or activate preset modes, and you can use the WiZ app or a voice assistant for remote control (it works with Amazon Alexa, Google Apple’s Assistant and Siri using Shortcuts).

The new Smart Button uses Bluetooth to connect to any WiZ light.
Image: WiZ

You can pair the portable light with other WiZ lights to create scenes in the WiZ app, where you can also set schedules or activate a holiday mode (to have the lights turn on and off randomly) . The mobile portable light also works with the new WiZ Smart Button, a battery-powered remote that can dim the light or turn it on and off. The button works with all WiZ products and can be set to control a single light, group, room or all lights. It communicates directly with the lights, so works even if the internet is down.

The new WiZ light bars can be laid flat on a table or shelf for ambient light effects.

WiZ also released ambient lighting options. The WiZ Linear Lightbar ($84.99) is a two-pack of full color light bars, similar to Hue Play Bars but for about $50 less. The Floor lamp WiZ Pole ($119) is a 59-inch-tall color light bar designed to add a wide-angle wallwash effect to the corner of a room. It has a removable base, so it can also be laid flat on the floor for light wash effects under a sofa or behind a bed. The floor lamp has two light areas.

The WiZ brand includes Connected By WiZ and Philips Smart LED light with WiZ Connected products, both of which work with the WiZ app. Although WiZ and Hue are branded Philips and owned by Signify, the brands are separate. They run on different major protocols – WiZ uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and Hue uses Zigbee and Bluetooth – and there’s no integration between hardware or apps. WiZ bulbs can’t be added to the Hue Bridge, and while you can use the bulbs together on a compatible platform, like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, there’s no other crossover.

Updated August 11, 1:50 p.m. ET: Added confirmation from Signify regarding Matter compatibility for WiZ and clarified the different brands you might see when purchasing WiZ products.


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