TMS Ep250: Q1 Indian GDP, RCap Insolvency, 2022 IPOs, Floor Area Ratio


India’s economy grew 13.5% in the first quarter of the current fiscal year, slower than most economists expected, but strong enough to keep hopes alive amid continued global uncertainty. Growth was mainly driven by an increase in private consumption.

After India’s GDP figures, let’s move on to one of the biggest sellouts the country’s corporate sector has seen. Monday was the last day for the submission of bids for the sale of Reliance Capital’s assets after five deadline extensions. So what’s in store for lenders and other stakeholders?

From the high of Rs 2,762, Reliance Capital’s stock was trading at Rs 14 on Tuesday. Now let’s move on to primary markets. Compared to more than 60 companies that took the IPO route last year, only 16 companies launched their initial public offering this year. Dive into the reasons for the lull this year.

The real estate sector is also going through a difficult period. And the demolition last week of two illegal towers at an upmarket company in Noida only adds to its woes and tarnishes the builder’s image. The buildings are razed, but his visuals will continue to haunt the prominent builder. He bent the rules, changed the floor area ratio several times in collusion with corrupt officials. But what exactly is the surface area to floor ratio? And why is it important? Let’s find out in this episode of the podcast.


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