Top reasons to choose porcelain flooring


Find out why you might consider porcelain flooring for your home.

When it comes to flooring, you certainly have a lot of options. You can opt for the elegance of hardwood or elegant natural stone such as quartz or marble.

If your budget is more limited, you can opt for laminate flooring, as well as vinyl or engineered wood. Ceramic flooring is also a good option, but there is one type of ceramic flooring that is just excellent. It is the use of porcelain flooring.

Porcelain is made from extremely dense clay, and it is fired at higher temperatures than is necessary for ceramics. A standard porcelain tile is generally the same thickness as a ceramic tile, but porcelain is denser and heavier. And that’s not the only reason porcelain is one of the best options for home flooring.

wear resistant

Porcelain flooring is tough enough to handle large amounts of traffic. So, if you are inclined to have regular parties, you might want to hold your gatherings in a large room with porcelain flooring. The flooring is just very hard wearing. These porcelain tiles do not break easily either.

The tiles don’t even scratch that easily either. This is why porcelain flooring is a good option for those who have cats and dogs. Their rough nails won’t damage the floor.

Moisture resistant

Unlike laminate flooring and carpeting, you don’t have to worry about moisture either. Spills aren’t much of an issue and you can clean the floor quite easily.

Homes in colder climates may have issues with regular ceramic tile, as these tiles can crack when damp and then exposed to freezing temperatures.

Top reasons to choose porcelain flooring

This is not a problem with porcelain, as the material is denser and more uniform. It is much less porous than regular ceramic, so moisture simply cannot seep through porcelain.

Although some daring souls use porcelain outdoors, it may be best to limit its use indoors. Natural stone (or even concrete) is simply better for outdoor use.

Low maintenance

Basically, there’s just no need to baby this type of flooring. It can handle everyday life without any problem.

This is one of the problems with other types of flooring. Maintenance can be problematic and you need to take many preventative measures to ensure that your flooring will not be damaged. It’s a problem with hardwood, laminate flooring and even natural stone. You have to be very careful with these types of flooring.

But with porcelain tiles, you don’t have to worry. There is no need for any kind of special putty. You don’t need to use any special type of cleaner. If you spill something at a party, you don’t have to clean it up right away. You can fix the problem later.

Top reasons to choose porcelain flooring

Cleaning porcelain tiles is so easy that you can just splash a little water on the spill to wash it off. This is why you will often find porcelain tiles in areas where the floor may be wet or dirty. It’s a great option for mudrooms, entryways, kitchens and bathrooms.

Maybe once a week you can sweep the floor and then use a damp mop. That’s basically it. You don’t need to google special information on how to clean your porcelain floor.

great looks

Who wants ugly floors? Flooring should look good and help make your home more attractive. And porcelain can be beautiful.

You have porcelain tiles that mimic the look of oak floors and other wood effects. Then you can also opt for natural stone look which means you can get the look of marble and slate.

But you can also opt for more imaginative effects. There are geometric patterns to choose from, as well as Moroccan and arabesque themes. Patterned tiles can even give you a 3D effect, as with the 3D Hexagon Cube Tiles.

This means that whatever style of interior design you are looking for, from rustic and elegant to modern and futuristic, you can find the pattern and design you are looking for with porcelain tiles.

Top reasons to choose porcelain flooring

Last words

Of course, with all these advantages, you have to expect that porcelain floors don’t come cheap. Although porcelain tiles are not outrageously expensive (unlike some natural stone tiles), they are still more expensive than your average ceramic tiles.

You will also need to factor in the cost of professional installation. Even if you are good at DIY and have the best tile cutter for porcelainyou shouldn’t do it yourself unless you already have some experience installing porcelain flooring.

Even porcelain tile repair costs more than ceramic tile. At least it’s a good thing that porcelain tiles are so durable that you probably won’t need repair services in the future!


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