Vacaville-based women’s company All Size Flooring has been shining for 15 years


VACAVILLE — They say that behind every successful woman there is a . . . dog?

Luna seems to think so. The tan pooch greets everyone at the door of All Size Flooring with a friendly sniffle, only to return to his spot to the left of the front door.

The showroom is full of, you guessed it, flooring of all sizes.

Owner Colleen Stafford has run the business for 15-and-a-half years, she said, along with her husband. Owning her own business was a lifelong dream and she fortified it with business courses before entering the construction industry.

His business was so successful that it even survived the Great Recession.

“A lot of flooring stores haven’t,” she said, adding that when the belts get tighter, building or remodeling is usually one of the first things to do. But Stafford was determined to build her business on word of mouth and happy customers. It seems to have worked.

What sets Stafford apart is its personality, its dynamism and its wide variety of materials. As you browse through her shop, you’ll see laminate, hardwood, and leftover flooring. All Size also offers carpet cleaning.

You’ll also see something unique: trophies for first, second, and third prizes in the Chili, Ribs, and Salsa contests. Stafford laughs at the idea that they’re epicureans, but the proof is in the signs.

The first year she entered a chili cooking contest was also the first year she made chili. It is also the first year in which it comes in first place.

Stafford doesn’t just compete in cooking contests, she also enjoys giving back to the community in other ways, like raising money for nonprofits like the Soroptimists Means Business grant program and Meals on Wheels.

All sizes have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. But the best way to hear about his business is to talk to a customer.

David Meurle is a Solano County realtor and says All Size does a “brilliant” job.

“I flip houses and resell houses and she has exactly the products I need in stock,” Meurle said. “She knows exactly what I need and has an abundance of this product. She can also install it quickly – the next day. I can call her at the last minute and she picks me up.

All Size Flooring Center

• Address: 1021 Mason Street, Suite 2
• Phone: 707-448-3300
• Website:


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