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Building a home gym has become a much more common practice these days. Being able to avoid the pains of crowds by taking all the equipment you want to use and the membership prices are ideal in all respects. But it’s not as simple as picking up gym equipment from Amazon or elsewhere. You have to consider the house you have.

This doesn’t just mean that you have to figure out what size room you’re going to use to figure out what gear you can get. You need to see what kind of floor you have in the room. Because depending on the flooring you have, you may need to make some modifications. Having a hardwood floor with plans for weight training isn’t the smartest move on our minds.

If you don’t have the right grip under you during training, you risk having a rude awakening. Not just the problem of not having the right form when training, which reduces training. But you can also slip very easily and it won’t go the way you want. Not to mention that it helps protect the equipment you have, as well as the ground. It’s for any type of workout you’re trying to do. You need the right flooring for your purposes.

So, at the end of the day, you have to add flooring to the list of things you need to buy to install a sick home gym in your house. But that’s easier said than done because every workout has its flooring needs and there are tons of options for each one. And that’s why we’re here to help you guys. You can scroll below to find out which floor is good for which workout and where you can choose one.

Why You Should Avoid Horse Stall Pads


Before we even get into the types of mats you should get for a workout, you need to know which ones to avoid. A “stall” mat or rubber mat. A specific type of rubber. Because if you get a mat made from Tire Derived Rubber (TDR), you’ll be faced with an endless stream of inconvenience.

For one, TDR is going to stink. Not only does the room/house stink with that nasty smell, but it can also give off some really noxious odors that harm you and those around you. Not to mention that since it can give off such toxic odors, it stands to reason that it is flammable and will stain floors and you when you train on it.

All of that is reason enough to jump on this kind of hardware. Even though it is very durable and strong, it is not worth having something so unattractive in the house. That’s why you need to check out those below.

Flooring Materials: Explained

There are different types of materials that you can get for your home gym. And you’re going to have to pick some up, you better know which one is for what. For example, you’ll want to buy vinyl workout mats for a basement gym, that way you don’t have to worry about mold and the like, because it’s easy to clean and resistant to those kinds of problems.

You can also opt for wooden options. Already installed wood floors are perfect for yoga or weightless workouts. But you can also get wooden tile cutouts for a temporary gym, that way you can lay them down and pick them up when you need them.

Carpeting is also a good option as it can be used for many different purposes. It is good for weightlifting as it can support equipment like a treadmill and weights, but you have to be careful as the shock absorption is not too high with carpet. You can also do yoga and other types of exercises. It’s very dynamic.

Cork is also good because it’s not too different from vinyl, good for yoga. It’s also more eco-friendly, so you’re doing the world a little favor when you buy it. You would want to double them up to use them for a full floor plan with workout machines. But in the end, it’s a good pickup.

But in the end, foam might be the best bet for you. Because foam mats are good for everything. They are strong, durable, comfortable and easy to clean. Yoga is good on these mats as well as weightlifting. Perhaps especially weightlifting, since you can drop them without worry.

With all of that laid out for you, let’s take a look at some of the best options available for each material.

Best home gym flooring

Ideal for the gym in the basement

ProForm 40

For a basement gym, you want a vinyl mat like this. This will allow you to train comfortably there and you can easily move it when you are done. It won’t get nasty with mildew. And if you want to put one under a machine, it can handle that too. Quite the pickup.

Get it: Get the ProForm 40″ x 80″ Vinyl Equipment Mat ($33; was $50) at Amazon

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Ideal for yoga

cork yoga mat

Cork is just as good as vinyl for yoga and this one will definitely make a good case for it. Lay it where you want and get to work when you’re looking to stretch. Roll it up when you’re done and your home is clutter-free.

Get it: Get the Cork Yoga Mat ($35) at Amazon

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Ideal for the temporary gym

New Forest Floor 3/8

For a temporary gym, you want something that can be set up and taken down easily. Something a little sturdier and bigger than a yoga mat. So you want to get these wood lined foam tiles so you can lay out a floor in whatever size you like and get to work. Easy installation, easier disassembly.

Get it: Get the 3/8-inch-thick New Forest Floor Printed Foam Tiles (from $26) at Amazon

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Ideal for the multipurpose gym

PAGISOFE Fluffy Rug Shag Gray

As we said above, a mat is good for just about any type of workout. So if you don’t want to lay expensive mats, you can get this mat which can be rolled up and unrolled easily. Any workout you plan, this can handle.

Get it: Get the PAGISOFE Gray Fluffy Shag Mat ($55; was $59) at Amazon

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Ideal for weights

ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Mat

Setting them up will be child’s play. And since you’re going to want to pick them up for a weightlifting regiment, you can just leave them set up where they are. Keep the weights on and forget about them until it’s time to pump. And you won’t have to worry about the floor. Difficult to discuss with.

Get it: Get the ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Mat ($26) at Amazon

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